Designing Challenge Coins

Designing Challenge Coins Need Not Be A Challenge

Custom challenge coins are a great way to demonstrate camaraderie, build team unity and honor sacrifice. Designing custom challenge coins for your organization need not be difficult. With a little bit of creativity, and the right challenge coin provider, your organization can start its own challenge coin tradition.

At Wholesale Challenge Coins, we specialize in the production of the finest challenge coins you can find anywhere, at wholesale prices. We can help you create the perfect challenge coins for your needs.

Born of military traditions, challenge coins have since moved into the business world and other arenas, including police and fire departments, civic organizations and other groups. They are an outstanding way to recognize either individual achievements or group accomplishments.

Start by considering what your group stands for. What values do you want represented on a custom challenge coin? What best represents the ideals your organization wants to be known for? Talk it over with your membership.

Once you have an idea what you want represented on your challenge coin, decide what size and shape you want. Round coins will give you the most design area for a given coin size, but challenge coins can be designed in other shapes as well.

If you want to sketch out a design, that's great. We can turn your drawing into a finished challenge coin. If you don't have a drawing, no problem. Our award-winning graphic artists can work with you to craft your vision into an outstanding finished coin that will perfectly represent your group. And remember, at Wholesale Challenge Coins, all artwork, design and revisions are free.

Don't forget, you have options with challenge coin design. Wholesale Challenge Coins offers your choice of metals, edge cuts and special features such as sequential numbering, 3-D images and cutouts. Browse our gallery for examples of these features. Or ask any of our artists. We can create your challenge coins in exactly the style you want.

Challenge coins have a distinguished history of excellence as a sophisticated, elegant memento. Designing them doesn't have to be difficult. Wholesale Challenge Coins can help you create the perfect challenge coins for your organization. Want to know more? Just fill out our free quote form, call us toll free at 1-877-870-4946, or email us at [email protected]. Let us help you commemorate your organization's history and accomplishments with challenge coins.

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