Custom Coins Build Team Unity

Challenge coins have their origins in military lore. But custom challenge coins are becoming ever more popular in the civilian world as well, for businesses, civic groups and other organizations.

Much like lapel pins, custom challenge coins show membership in a special group. This can be a military unit or battalion, a business department, a police or fire department, a fraternal organization or just about any other group. Challenge coins can be designed with a company logo, Greek letters, Maltese cross, business name or anything else the buyer wants.

There are many opportunities to use custom coins in the workplace. For example, a design team in charge of developing a new product could have their own custom challenge coins, to show their team unity and dedication to the product creation. Or custom challenge coins could be given to sales staff for outstanding performance.

Some organizations might choose to recognize outstanding achievement, longevity on the job or other milestones with coins instead of custom lapel pins. Either way, employees are sure to appreciate the feeling that management values their contributions to the company.

Fraternities and sororities can issue custom challenge coins to their members that represent the specific chapter or campus where the chapter is located. Members will carry them with pride, and also are likely to appreciate the challenge aspect of the coins.

Traditionally, one who holds a challenge coin can challenge fellow members of the same group at any time. If a member initiates a challenge by producing his or her challenge coin, others must respond by immediately showing their own. Anyone who can't buys the next round of drinks.

Outside the challenge itself, custom challenge coins are valued for their artwork which can be quite attractive, and their meaning to the specific group.

Challenge coins can be distributed widely, given, for example, to every employee in a company. Or they can be narrowly controlled, such as to one specific department. The choice of the best way to use custom challenge coins to boost morale and team unity is up to the person(s) issuing the challenge coins. Some may even choose to have custom coins with a different design or different colors for each department.

Many organizations use custom challenge coins as an incentive reward or recognition device for their hard-working staff members. is the leading supplier of custom coins in the United States. Give us a call today toll free at 1-877-870-4946 or email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to show you what custom challenge coins can do for your business, civic group or other organization.

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