Custom Challenge Coin Suppliers

Choose the Right Supplier of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are used in everything from military units to businesses to civic organizations today. Challenge coins provide an attractive keepsake alternative to other items such as lapel pins, and are gaining in popularity every day. But some people are concerned about how to select a supplier for their custom challenge coins.

It's really not hard to choose a custom challenge coin provider, with a little research. There are plenty of producers out there online. Do a quick Web search and you'll find lots of names. But how do you determine which providers are reputable and which are not worth wasting your time on?

First of all, see how long they've been in business. If you're looking at a company that's been in business for several years, chances are good they've developed a reputation for satisfying customers with good quality, well-priced custom challenge coins. If they've been around for only a few weeks or months, maybe they're on their way to becoming a well-respected company. Or maybe they're on their way to going out of business next week.

Take a look at the company website. Any reputable provider of custom challenge coins rightfully will be proud of their work and want to show it off. Check who they've done work for. See how many nationally or internationally known clients they've provided with custom challenge coins.

Check the designs and the colors. Do you like what you see? Good companies employ talented people to help you design and create top-quality custom challenge coins. Even if they're working with your own design, you want artists who can faithfully reproduce that design down to the smallest visible detail.

What about the price? Does the supplier offer free artwork, design and revisions? How many colors can you get on your custom challenge coin for no extra charge? Do they offer free two-day air shipping? Can they offer you no mold fees or setups at a specified minimum quantity?

Consider that minimum quantity. Can you order just what you need for your group, or do you have to order 500? A good supplier will have a low minimum that you can easily meet.

What you really want in a custom challenge coin supplier is the same thing you want in the seller of any other product you buy - someone who will listen to your needs and be responsive and professional. is dedicated to providing the finest quality custom challenge coins available at the lowest price possible. Give us a call, toll free, at (877) 870-4946, or email us at [email protected] and let us help you create the perfect custom challenge coins for your organization.

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