Challenge Coins: Not Just For The Military

Challenge coins might have begun as a military tradition, but they have spread to the civilian world as well. They are commonly used today as a way to build camaraderie among members of an organization, show membership in an elite group or to promote a business.

Custom challenge coins are a great way to celebrate individual or group achievement. Recognizing accomplishment with business- or team-specific challenge coins presented at a company-wide ceremony is an outstanding method of increasing workplace morale and team spirit.

Giving away custom challenge coins at trade shows and business conferences also can be an excellent way to market your company product or service. Challenge coins are a significant step up in quality from the ordinary giveaway trinkets often featured at such events. They will help make your brand, service or product memorable to prospective customers in a way that a lesser giveaway item may not.

Some businesses and other organizations are turning to custom challenge coins in place of custom lapel pins to recognize performance and job longevity. A team that exceeds sales or budget goals might receive challenge coins instead of pins. Similarly, an individual who has been with the company for a specified interval (generally five years or more) might be honored with a custom challenge coin engraved with their name and years of service.

For many people, challenge coins can be more memorable than lapel pins. The coins have a heft to them that adds to their perceived value. They often feature more intricate designs in a larger format than what's possible with lapel pins. They're a keepsake item that people will treasure for many years to come.

Fraternal organizations, clubs, scout groups and other organizations also are discovering the benefits of custom challenge coins. They can be a great memento for special events within the organization.

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